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The plastic coupling just slips down over the splined transmission shaft and included a new galvanized steel mounting screw with a rubber O-ring seal. A coupling bore machined askew to the centerline axis will increase the misalignment for which the coupling, shaft and bearings must compensate. • Mud agitator drive  The Style CA coupling has one inverted hub to accept a normal shaft and one Typical applications include mixers, compressors, agitators, blowers& fans,  Washing machine agitator drive bell (also called the coupler). Wash agitator arm, scraper blades, and springs with mild dish detergent or in dish machine. Impeller, Mechanical Seal, Bush, Shut Off Device, Shaft, Gear, Pinion, Gear Set Can Be Retrofit. com: General Electric WH49X10042 Washer Agitator Coupling Kit the agitator to remove it, unscrew the old part, wire brush the shaft to remove any  5. Review on Design of Agitator to Optimize its Performance (IJSRD/Vol. 3 Unscrew and remove the agitator hold-ing tool. Shaft failure. 175D2846P002 A fluid coupling cannot develop output torque when the input and output angular velocities are identical. Applications: o. Precision machined shafting for liquid, shaft based agitators. the rigid coupling is used in a precision servo system or on a mixer as honing  Our agitators feature the new dracomet coated corrosion resistant keyless units come complete with base plate, motor, gearbox, impeller, shaft & couplings. After removing metal part of coupling from agitator shaft and cleaning up the rusted teeth on the agitator shaft that caused the difficult removal, I pried out the rubber part of the agitator coupling from the plastic agitator cover by inserting a screw driver from the top hole in the agitator cover and getting it under the rubber to separate The motor and agitator drive are aligned at the factory and flexibly coupled to protect high speed bearings by smoothing the starting shock and to accommodate any minor misalignment that may develop. The problem was that the agitator could not move downwards, and the shaft could not move upwards, so the only way to remove the agitator was laterally. 20 SS AGITATOR SHAFT: $34. due to improper weld alignment it break from that stress concentration point. The Mixer includes shaft coupling,pole shaft and blades etc. Be careful not to damage the agitator shaft. Most designs are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The quick coupler ranges from drive shafts from 14mm to 60 mm. Liquid with variable concentration. VERTICAL SHAFT HYDROUNITS DESCRIPTION To better understand the alignment process, it is important to understand the basic construction of vertical shaft hydrounits. bodies can accommodate premium HT, XT, and GPDS connections, eliminating the need for crossovers. The demand for our Single Seal and Double Seal Agitator Seals is growing day by day making the largest Agitator Seals supplier in the world. You have to pull it straight up to remove it. AGITATOR COUPLING Part #: WH49X10042 Washing Machine Agitator drive bell with bolt, Seal and coupling Kit which connects the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. Zero leakage under very high vacuum The rigid shaft couplings are completely interchangeable to other industry standard rigid couplings. Shaft coupling The agitator is equipped with one or more shaft couplings, if necessary. Amazon. A balanced coupling is essential in high speed applications. Machine Guarding Solutions by UniGuard Machine Guards cannot rust and is not affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and can be used in chemical environments where higher priced stainless steel material had been required. How are the blades fixed with shaft? Is the shaft hanging? Bottom supported? What are speeds? Is GB, worm and worm wheel? GB output shaft directly coupled with agitator shaft? What coupling? Please elaborate the failure and failure mode which are very important to address the condition that need to be monitored. Even load - 8 hr. Axial flow agitator are sometimes called propeller agitators because they operate essentially the same as the propeller of a boat[7]. Shaft is 1. Tighten top set screw (22). Firstly we should determine the impeller model, motor power and stirring speed and then select the speed reducer, frame, stirring shaft and shaft seal. Add to Quote. Secure with the two setscrews (5), using the allen wrench (4). The couplings are of flange type, although if the hygienic requirements are strict, threaded shaft couplings can be supplied instead. Replacement agitator coupler used on some GE, Hotpoint, JC Penny and RCA washer models. 2. Most important parameters are diameter and length of agitator shaft and impeller diameter. The diameter of drive shaft and agitator shaft may differ. G agitators (light fluids). 5. Where α = b/l , I = moment of inertia. Inspect the spline of the shaft and the agitator for wear. A robust coupling connects the gearbox shaft to the paddle shaft. With some force, the agitator should come off of its mounting, exposing the drive shaft underneath. As all required sealing is static there is no component wear, guaranteeing a leak free shaft rotation of pumps, blowers, mixers & agitators. Air dry. Flexible coupling isolates the drive shaft from the bending moment of Agitator shaft. . This washer coupler is compatible with brands like GE, RCA, and Kenmore, as well as Hotpoint and Sears. It connects the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. Details AGITATOR SPECIFICATIONS: Our agitators feature the new dracomet coated corrosion resistant keyless coupling for easy installation and impeller adjustment. Traditional designs solve this problem with separate, exter-nal bearings that take on the function of the agitator shaft. 20 Mar 2018 Clamp type stainless steel coupling from Ruland connecting a mixer Clamp rigid couplings have the advantages of not marring the shaft and  coupling to make the twin shaft coupling, which is suitable for a long-span . Install the agitator on the container cover by inserting the shaft through the cover bung hole. A coupling guard is standard for safety consideration. 3. Human Errors Human errors relating to coupling failures are inevitable. EagleBurgmann Nova Magnetics is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of engineered magnetic coupling systems and magnetically coupled hermetic blowers. Operating Principle An AC induction electric motor drives an in-line gearbox which in turn drives a shaft and stainless steel three bladed paddle assembly. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Kenmore 110. G centrifuges. Figure 1 shows a typical vertical shaft hydroelectric unit as found in Bureau of Reclamation powerplants. If necessary, the agitator blade can be unscrewed to introduce the agitator shaft into the vessel. Nomenclature - For the purpose of this standard the different parts of agitator equipment shall be designated as given in the following table. Directly Replaces: WH1X1944, AP2044578, 3365, AH270786, EA270786, LP301 The Agitator coupler connects the agitator to the agitator shaft. A seal cartridge for the upper end-adjacent portion of a rotatable agitator shaft which projects upwardly through the drive nozzle of a chemical reactor vessel includes an outer housing which is adapted to be fixedly anchored relative to the drive nozzle, said housing containing sealing means which are removably secured to and carried by the agitator shaft whereby to rotate with the shaft Find OEM Cleveland KE54583 COUPLING AGITATOR/DRIVE SHAFT replacement part at Parts Town with fast same day shipping on all in-stock orders until 9pm ET. The electric motor (driver) of this application has a shaft size of 2. The Rapidex is a low shear agitator with specially designed marine type propeller blades that ensure a cavitation-free operation while providing extremely intense agitation. The required attachment is then mounted to the removable hub. Ruland manufactures set screw rigid couplings in 1215 lead-free steel and 303 stainless steel. Rigid Couplings consist of 2 flanges, available in internal and external entry (H & F). . • Lift and Swivel System A washing machine is a workhorse in the family home. The upper "shaft" part of the agitator of my Whirlpool toploader doesn't spin, but the base "disc" part does. If the agitator of the machine does not oscillate back and forth, it indicates that the spline may be broken or damaged. Mechanical engineering SNDCOE &RC,YEOLA Abstract-This paper describes the mechanical design of agitator to mixing polyectrolyte having viscosity 1. 75"/48 x 95 mm Vertical Safety Label-Coupling & Shaft 2924286 2924292 As far as I can tell, the upper agitator just wears out where it snaps on the inner shaft over time. element is easily damaged. During spin, solenoid is not powered (disengaged) so teeth are engaged and spin tube and agitator shaft are rotated. Selecting the wrong coupling for the application shaft speed. This kit contains the drive bell and the proper bolt. Investigating the causes of coupling failure and to eliminate them is important. our . Set the air motor (B) in the opening in the cover (1) as shown in Fig. Agitator shaft is a critical component used in General Electric Washer Agitator Coupling Kit WH49X10042 - This is a washing machine agitator coupling kit. 375 in. 4. Don't hurt yourself by straining too hard to remove the agitator. See Figure 1-3: Shaft on Trestle. The shaft seals options are single or double mechani-cal seals, stuffing box, TH, TL and TS seals and labyrinth seal. As liquid flows Agitator Drive Shaft for Kenmore 110. Stiffness of the Industrial Mixer Shaft. Push the new auger agitator on the shaft. 1. Secure the coupling with the two set-screws (E). Measure the same way. The HTM agitator drive is available in both right angle and parallel shaft configurations and offers many of the same benefits as the HT drive. Magnetic couplings are used in pump and agitator systems to isolate the electric motor drive from highly toxic and/or aggressive liquids. 5. Similar Products Found in: Agitator Coupling Pin. 5" wide, 0. h. Tighten set screw. When you have successfully removed the coupling, clean the shaft splines with an awl or similar tool, so the new coupling will easily fit onto it. com nents of agitator equipment. The impeller shaft is directly coupled to an electric drive motor that is available in many A flexible/rigid coupling comprises one flexible geared half and one rigid half. An agitator gearbox was being replaced because of bearing failure. Order No: 832686-P. I bought the hub nut, split ring, tub bearing, agitator coupling kit and washer hub because these are all the parts that go on the transmission shaft. Nylon bushing compresses around shaft using an allen screw. Kit number WH49X10042 can also be used in place of this. So in order to repair it you must drain the transmission and refill it with grease. The compact EKATO agitators FD, KD and HWL-A are designed for open vessels or those which have a low pressure. With amazing capabilities for its size, the air driven agitator can be used in formulation, R&D, clinical research, education labs, anywhere a magnetic stirrer is used. A mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor coupled to a gearbox that drives the impeller & shaft. 5" diameter with Woods coupling on drive end. An optional electrochemical process can polish all surfaces. 1, Fig. The Chemineeer HTM is an optional gearbox for high torque applications and is manufactured specifically for agitator service. Agitator shafts with various diameters are also possible. Good Dryer Type: Paddle / Agitator Dryer, Vacuum Dryer bc4 size 55 vessel shaft dia motor helical flange mounted gearbox coupling (3) 0 0 connection qty dhhv / id1 with hub 6610 r r r r r rbolted 8610 r r r r r rbolted 8610122 r r r rbolted 8 8 8 blade position top middle bottom d i m e n s i o n s none none pitched blade turbine impeller type thk 75 388 1830 id 90 2700 73. Lower shaft through vessel nozzle into tank and support with approximately 8 inches of shaft extending above the vessel flange. New 7 in. This is the second time I’ve had trouble with the coupling but last time I was able to repair it --- I have ordered a replacement coupling kit but I can’t get the old one off : Shaft Couplers/Couplings Stainless Steel. The second is the use of a bell coupling which is splined to the agitator shaft as well and the agitator snaps onto the coupling. Place shaft coupling (21) onto air motor shaft. 14. Leistritz seal applications with pumps and agitators. This coupling is two drive forks made of plastic, one attached to the shaft of the drive motor, and one attached to the input shaft of the transmission. Agitator coupler connects the agitator to the agitator shaft. Shaft-to-shaft rigid couplings for marine propulsion systems Connection of vertical mud agitator impeller shaft to gearbox output shaft. The bad part about this is that when the agitator comes up often it will allow water to enter the transmission. Available in diameters from 110 – 800 millimeters the smooth shape and finish of the Rapidex impeller blade make it very suitable for you’re your sanitary applications. ALTB top-mounted agitators with bottom support The shaft used in ALTB agitators is supported inside the tank by a Get your GE Agitator Coupling - WH43X10032 fixed today - Fast, easy ordering and same-day shipping. Connections are self-aligning,flexible coupling. 2, respectively. the agitator shaft Magnetic coupling placed inside an agitator lantern, on top of the vessel Internal ball bearings for the agitator shaft made from special ceramic material -> dry running The second is the use of a bell coupling which is splined to the agitator shaft as well and the agitator snaps onto the coupling. Human Errors, B. 1 Output: Agitator Drawing (N. Shaft Options • High quality stainless steel construction • Hollow shafting for a stiffer and lighter shaft for reducing the load on the mixer drive and allows for longer shafts • Solid shafting is used for smaller equipment and side entry mixers Shaft Couplings Sharpe offers many different coupling designs to fit specific If the top agitator is not oscillating properly then you need to order the agitator repair kit too. The agitator shaft consists of two parts, namely, upper shaft and lower shaft. HIC Universal Flexible couplings, pump coupling and shaft mounted couplings are iOOrrriigggiiinnnaaalll o CCChhhooiiiccceee by Vespel® CR-6100 is an ideal material for agitator shaft bearings, replacing traditional materials like filled PTFE, carbon, or other plastics. Agitator Coupler GE Hotpoint RCA Top Load Washers Please read the disclaimer page before viewing the video DISCLAIMER : This website contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, and buy the product I’ll receive a small commission. The mixer shaft is 1. 3 Remove the coupling and/or drive to access the seal area. 2-inch NPT coupling available for HSZ3. The rubber spline is already - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician Agitator. 0015 so it will be a very close fit. Drive Block or Bell If the washer won't agitate the drive block or bell might be worn out or broken. They are numbered fcu identification in Fig. Material is low carbon 316 for weld on impellers and high corrosion resistance. In almost all industrial they are known as first choice when it comes to reliability. Split And Clamped Mounting Hub For Shaft Attachments. Used in conjunction with large diameter seal-welded impellers and/or extended shaft lengths where one-piece continuous shafting cannot be installed . Stirring Shaft & Agitator, Glass or PTFE,5mm, Precision Stir shaft couplings for connecting glass or metal stir shafts to the adjustable chuck on an overhead stir  R+W shaft couplings stand for quality, reliability, and precise torque transmission. This will also cause the agitator not to turn at all. One free variable in industrial mixer shaft design is its stiffness, which is directly related to its diameter. All-angle agitator adjustment. 184 to 4. 00. It still performs the spin cycle just fine. This steel polished agitator shaft is machine ground and polished to -. TSC, BRANDT, DERRICK, GN, GUANNENG, HH, BOMCO, KERUI, RG, SJ Mud agitator parts list Brandt Agitator spare parts list Brandt HMA-25 seal base mud agitator A8500 part list Vertical Discharge Coupling. The agitator shaft can have one or two straight or canted mixing impellers. This paper describes the basis for and implementation of hydraulically assembled shaft coupling hubs for large tank-mounted agitators. Shaft sealing with stuffing boxes, externally interchangeable liquid lubricated double mechanical seals optional. For more than 80 years the mechanical FLENDER couplings ensure that machine shafts are safely connected. Model: PTO. hermetically sealed magnetic couplings successfully in use. And also welded joint strain GE washer agitator coupler coupling WH01X1944 WH1X1944 removal replacement. All mechanical seal leaks should be attended to promptly to prevent injury”. Rating of full vacuum and design pressure. E. 001/. This part is sold individually. AT IMPELLER 1. Constructed of stainless steel to match shaft material, the coupling handles thrust and torque loads, as well as the maximum speed rating. Using the socket wrench (with an extension) or nutdriver, insert the stud and seal through the agitator, into the shaft, and tighten. Clean the exposed surface of the extension shaft. Hardware failure and F. Connects agitator to transmission shaft. Push seal components up the shaft while installing maintenance clamp in agitator shaft recess to hold agitator safely in working position. If you have trouble removing the bolt, see section 3-8 in Chapter 3. The lubrication is typically brushed onto the chain and a cover is used to help keep the lubrication on the coupling. 001 and the shaft coupling is 1. It is designed to physically disconnect the driving and driven equipment during torque overload. □ Agitator. The two-piece design allows for easy disassembly without having to move the tank or physical stand. Just to build it up some. 88" x 3 . The Agitator complies with current EU CE and ATEX legislation. The shaft is a part of the gearcase. We maintain the largest Shaft Collar and Coupling inventory in the industry. Carefully lift end of agitator, pull back and lift out. Adjustable mounting brack The agitator is provided with an impeller consisting of blades of enough area to give adequate agitation in the tank of given dimensions. Available in 0. Power transmission via elastic coupling in the bearing housing. Each unit comes with Stirrer Shaft and MixedFLOW™ impellers, sleeve coupling, c-clamp and clamp holder. Mud agitator is used in the surface mud tank to suspend solids and maintain a homogeneous mixture throughout the mud solids control system. Agitator drive bell coupling. The hold down is fitted onto of the transmission shaft. Polished Surfaces. For assembly of single coupling configurations proceed to item 1. 9. Reliance Motor, 5 hp, 1730 New in bag factory part not generic ERWH49X10042. Agitator shaft diameter: 2 in. Stainless steel shaft couplers can also be used to connect two shafts with same or different bore sizes. 12 fix the stuffing box/mechanical seal, gear box stand, bearing unit, shaft coupling, gear box and motor in that order. If your agitator does not spin or move during the washing cycles your agitator may be broken or damaged. Material of construction for wetted parts can be Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or other metals and alloys. dia. Slide the coupling (F) onto the shaft (A) of the air motor, then insert the agitator shaft (G) into the coupling. (e. I wrapped the upper part of the inner shaft ( where it has the slots ) with duck tape ( about 2 wraps all the way around the top ). Grovhac Air Powered 2" NPT Sealed Bung Mount Agitator 91-1223 - 1HP - (2) 6" Cl-Propellers Air powered NPT sealed bung mount agitator is ideal for providing a nearly airtight seal where evaporation and contamination are a concern. Four styles of blades and a variety of sizes are available. Failure to consider the coupling’s maximum safe operating speed during the design stage can quickly result in failure, sometimes with tragic consequences. 80BAJ1143-44 Philadelphia Mixers Agitator MT Mixing Drive. shaft separations of 25 . C. Industrial agitators EM EKATO EM agitators are designed for a wide range of volumes and pressurized or unpressurized vessels. For speedy and easy maintenance it is best to use a clamped hub to mount attachments to shafts when possible. Shaft 6 extends down through housing 4 and both cover plate 2 and base 1. If the hub and shaft travel by approximately the same amount, the runout is probably due to a bent shaft. Ruland carefully manufactures Shaft Collars, Rigid Shaft Couplings & Flexible Couplings. A mini work horse with all in built features of a large agitator. 00 shaft dia. x 17 in. …incorporates a universal stirrer shaft coupling (CG-2046) to compensate for misalignment of drive motor and glass stirrer shaft. d. The agitator is responsible for moving your clothes through the detergent and water and it’s driven by the output shaft. The agitator coupling secures the washer's agitator to the transmission shaft. For use in multi-product mixing vessels where impellers are changed to match processing requirements . I can hear the bolt rattling around inside the agitator GE washer WPRB8050D1WW. f. Grovhac Agitator Lab Units with Bases are for use with Lab Stands and Open Top Containers of up to 5 Gallons. Agitator System: We designed a new multi-lobe power section, improving the Agitator system to allow performance at higher flow rates. The present invention relates to agitators used for agitating or mixing the contents of a mixing vessel, chest, tower or container, the propeller of the agitator located at a distance from the wall of the mixing vessel, chest, tower or container. 3 For shafts in a vertical orientation, the shaft shall have a remo vable collar or Stainless Steel shaft coupling. The agitator shaft may not be canted on introduction into the vessel or loaded by the weight of the drive. Agitator shafts balanced for concentric run in our in-house test field LRE - simple top-entry agitator. req. Rotate the agitator until the grooves in the agitator match the grooves on the shaft, and push the agitator down. Assemble paddle (26) onto agitator shaft (23) with set screw (25). The load on the blade is assume to act as 75% of the agitator radius. • Determine torque in shafts from gears, pulleys, sprockets, clutches, and couplings. allowed for the L150 size coupling with an NBR elastomer. Description: 51" long, Hastelloy C-276, agitator shaft and blades. Position the air motor so the air line (A) can be attached easily and will not obstruct Washing machine agitator coupling, for 20 spline drive shaft transmissions Manufacturer Number WH1X1944 Agitator spline support and shim Manufacturer Number WH1X1986 You may need to take the agitator to a local company to have them R&R the drive block as it is pressed in place and crackign the agitator is easily done. We are expeiencing improper mixing in such a situtaion and I am looking for a hollow shaft agitator whcih will have holes in it and the mxing air can be passed through this and this will give us a better mixing. This agitator coupling kit was an exact replacement for the one our older GE top load washer. This type of couplings are primarily used for "floating shaft" applications. These stainless steel couplers are used to attach the motor to a mixer shaft or gearbox. GE Washing Machine  the ELASTOMERIC™ Coupling is firmly . The switch is fine, motor coupler is fine, and the clutch is fine. 12. Mixer Direct’s 1/2 HP Air Driven Lab Package comes complete with air motor, mixing stand, 3/8 shaft, coupling, 2” propeller, and chain clamp. bearings. Polygon shaped shafts are capable of producing more torque that a conventional spline shaft. Corrosion, C. Here is a modification to an 80mm agitator shaft thrust bearing that went wrong. In design it is usually possible to locate the critical areas, size these to meet the strength requirements, and then size the rest of the shaft to meet the requirements of the shaft-supported elements. JMot. 75 S Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids. Used agitator shaft and blades - 893 listings. Agitator : The inside of the agitator--where the transmission shaft attaches--can become worn, and strip out the spline that allows the agitator to properly grip the shaft. M dryer drums. The shaking you describe could be a natural frequency or mechanical issue, but in any case it would make no sense to check "runout" of that hanging shaft other than to best align the lower bearing to the agitator shaft's natural centerline. agitator shaft in the sleeve of the coupling combination. When the hard-working washing machine makes noise or doesn't provide the cleanest of clothing when it has completed a cycle, it may need a new agitator. Guardian offers these as a rigid single piece set screw clamp design, a one-piece single split clamp design, and a two-piece double split clamp design. Compact and easy-to-maintain construction as well as low weight. This prevents waiting time for delivery of parts for each new agitator shaft. This modification to the original design was intended to minimize maintenance personnel exposure to ionizing radiation and also provide for disassembly capability Preparing the Agitator for Use 1. Repair Collar - corrects wobbling agitator shaft coupling for hollow shaft Mueller/Surge agitator drive. www. Contact Boulden today with your application details to upgrade your agitator bearings to Vespel® CR-6100. The Shear Pin Cartridge coupling is a Series H type coupling. Mixed flow agitators borrow characteristics from both radial flow and axial flow agitators. The drive block is pushed into the agitator hold down and the two parts keep the agitator from popping up. The input drive shaft (bar off of the gear case) barely moves when spin is engaged. This part works with the following brands: G. Their robust design and excellent smoothness when operating make them extremely reliable, even when mixing media with high solid contents. model. WASHING MACHINE AGITATOR COUPLIN GE washing machine agitator coupling. DESIGN OF COUPLING which will be maximum at the point where the blade is For connecting the agitator shaft to the driven shaft, three attached to hub. The tools that you will need to replace the coupling agitator is a 7/16” socket and ratchet. Due to slippage that will occur in any fluid coupling under load, some power will always be lost in fluid friction and turbulence, and dissipated as heat. Custom manufacturer of industrial connectors, specifically shaft-to-hub and power transmission polygon couplings. Used Agitator Drives for sale from IPP. The unit can either be directly driven by a motor or together with a gearbox. The HDSP range are fast speed agitators with live motor, perfect for quickly A marine propeller, working as drive element, is affixed to the shaft with bolts which enables to change its position easily when necessary. 2 Secure the mixer or agitator shaft in accordance with the mixer or agitator manufacturer’s instructions. , GE, General Electric, Westinghouse, Monogram, Café, Moffat, Profile, Sears, McClary, Hotpoint, & Kenmore. a vertical shaft hydrounit within acceptable limits. Coupling ‘couples’ two drive elements to transfer torque/motion between them. The bearings and the coupling for the agitator shaft are placed in a downwardly opening gastrap, there being a gas cushion between the bearings and the coupling on the one hand and the medium to be agitated on the other hand in order to keep the medium clear of the bearings and the coupling and damaging same. The agitator coupling kit contains a redesigned coupler and longer screw with new o-ring. The kit contains the agitator components that are most likely to wear out and/or fail. The power is supplied by an electric motor, a hydraulic motor or Review on Design of Agitator to Optimize its The coupling is stuck on the agitator and I can't remove it. The agitator of the washer is a single or two piece unit depending on your model. Slowly rotate the shaft to look for runout, and measure the amount. Mud agitators stir a mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. Hence a fluid coupling cannot achieve 100 percent power transmission efficiency. o. The useful life of flexible coupling is limited due to following factors: A. Coupling Agitator. 1 coupling avoids sealing problems all the advantages of a bottom mounted agitator can be taken into account: • no agitator influence on the vessel top (weight, forces, space etc) • less agitator weight (no shaft) • lower center of gravity of the vessel • easy demounting of the drive • mixing of very small volumes DESIGN OPTIONS The drive motor delivers the force that rotates a top-load washer's spin basket and drives the shaft of the gear case to move the agitator. SHAFT (COUPLING ASM) $190. Agitators and agitator shaft assemblies passing through the seals shall be . Application Symbol: Defines vessel function and related pipe/instrum. This is a solution I designed to engage/disengage the agitator from the main shaft of an industrial mixer. It includes the couple, gasket, and bolt. Shaft mounted hubs and coupling alignment are not disturbed. That is a long, slender agitator shaft design that requires the support of the lower bearing. Variable speed control. Agitator Seals produced us has a wide variety of usage in different industries – that include – vessels, glass line vessels, blowers and reactors. Then the transmission shaft rotates back and forth as it should, but the agitator doesn't move properly. A misaligned coupling can cause damage and downtime. The lower part of the agitator does not have any additional screws. 003 for Mixer Direct impellers, couplers, and bearings. Easy to Rigid coupling Half Flex Couplings with Floating Shafts . 1 More Efficiency for Mixing and Agitating Applications In process engineering plants, large axial and radial forces occur at the agitator shaft during agitating processes. A wide variety of agitator coupling options are available to you, such as free samples. 4 Remove the existing seal assembly. With the largest selection of parts online; 1st Source Servall will help you get the OEM agitator coupling replacement part for your new or old washer mixing purpose. Our models are suited for multiple motor shaft diameters. As part of this effort, we have created an online catalog of available parts and components to help make ordering effortless. It was decided to convert the thrust bearing taking the weight of the shaft and blades from a bronze plain bearing rubbing face to a thrust ball bearing. Bolt sold separately. Step 6: Compare the application driver/driven shaft size to the maximum bore available in the coupling selected. catalog including Application News -,Item Name,Description . Our Rigid Couplings are Taper Lock ready and available in a range of sizes to accommodate almost any shaft size. 75 2 Remove shaft coupling. For sealing glass reactor shaft in place of gland / bush packing which leaks / fails under high vacuum. The pro- peller end of the shaft has machin- ing starting 1/2” from the end. To learn more about all of the different types of couplings, visitthe Rexnord Coupling Page. The diameter of your industrial mixer shaft must be large enough to withstand the stress brought about by the combined torque and bending forces on it. • Note how due to this opening at the Washing Machine Agitator drive bell with bolt, Seal and coupling Kit which connects the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. Thus the output of the gearbox needs to be transferred to the agitator shaft. • A plastic door was in place to protect the agitator shaft, seal, coupling, etc from the elements and to comply with OSHA regulations. Use Loctite 242 (blue) on the threads of the set screw. For Agitator: Motor HP Shaft Diameter Critical Speed Blade Thickness Coupling Selection Bearing Selection For Vessel: Limpet Coiled Shell Thickness as per ASME Sec. S/N: 80BAJ1143-44. 11 fix the agitator to the shaft. After removing metal part of coupling from agitator shaft and cleaning up the rusted teeth on the agitator shaft that caused the difficult removal, I pried out the rubber part of the agitator coupling from the plastic agitator cover by inserting a screw driver from the top hole in the agitator cover and getting it under the rubber to separate Shaft deflection, runout, vibration, and axial motion Chapter D4 Page 4 Contact Kalsi Engineering Search this handbook Bearing internal and mounting clearances influence shaft runout Side loads cause the shaft to articulate within mounting clearances, resulting in lateral shaft deflection at the location of the rotary seal. Since the conditions and methods of use of the information referred to are beyond control, ApplianceRepairForum. Re: Failure Analysis of agitator shaft 09/25/2007 8:26 AM Why you are using welded joint for such creatical component u can use some coupling arrangement,eg flange coupling,sleeve coupling,flexible coupling if some miss allignment required. 10. Part 2: How to Quickly Calculate Coupling Sizing Torque Given how frequently coupling users (and application engineers) are required to calculate coupling sizing torque, Lovejoy built a free coupling sizing torque calculator that is readily available both on the internet, as well as in iPhone/Android smart phone form (pictured left). If you have a top-load washer that won’t agitate and you’ve been hearing a vibration, there may be a problem with the direct drive motor coupling between the transmission and the motor. In this first installment of a weekly 3-part series on flexible vs rigid couplings, R+W America’s Andy Lechner shares his insight into the best options for different applications. This is important when the rigid coupling is used in a precision servo system or on a mixer as honing allows for greater surface contact with the shaft and higher torque transmission capabilities. 3 Installation of RK ring clamping coupling . g. The new style GE agitator has a coupling under the agitator that will also strip out. 2 Product Description and Overview of Types 2. mixers screw conveyors agitators general purpose outdoor applications. You can find your product's model number on a plate affixed to the product or in the owner's manual. Join the GrabCAD Community today to gain access and download! The second is the use of a bell coupling which is splined to the agitator shaft as well and the agitator snaps onto the coupling. This spine will sometimes strip out. Ideal for high vacuum distillation in glass reactors. These couplers come with 4 to 8 set screws depending on the size. <blank> - Standard continuous process BATCH - Batch process Stainless Steel Industrial Agitator Mixer . The keyway should be cut square and centered to the shaft. M mixers. I'm used to being able to spin the "shaft" part of the washer freely in one direction, IIRC, but if I spin it the other way it engages the "disc Large heating area resulting in an outstanding heat transfer rate by heating the vessel walls, the vessel covers as well as the agitator shaft and arms. AGITATOR IMPCO SHAFT & HOUSING Learn More. Add to Cart. For coupler sizes not listed please contact us. Buy Agitator Coupling, Part #WH1X1944 with fast shipping! Our 365-day return policy guarantees you'll always get the right part! The agitator coupling part of the washing machine is used in the drive shaft transmission. 5cp considering the fluid forces that are imposed on the impeller by the fluid. This aeration is an important Also note that this page is only about how to repair Maytag washer agitators with the new style transmission (cone shaped not flat) as shown below. The special design of this shaft support frame, with a detachable shaft and internal coupling, eliminates any hygiene problems with a coupling inside the tank, and makes both installation and maintenance quicker and easier. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure coupling finally selected can meet speed requirements, and space limitations. With lift bars, raise assemblies to rest on support hooks. As the motor spins the gear case the basket drive turns the clutch drum, which turns the clutch ring. • Sanitary threaded couplings  Precision machined shafts for liquid, shaft based agitators. Directly Replaces: WH1X1944, AP2044578, 3365, AH270786, EA270786, LP301 GE Washer Agitator Coupling Kit helps connect the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. 00" diameter +/- . The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impellers immersed in the mud slurry. Pick by type: Drive, Glass Drives, Glass Lined, Shaft, Over 421 pieces in inventory for sale. Magnetic couplings ensure zero leakage of toxic, flammable, or dangerous fluids into the environment from rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, mixers, and reactors. SELM162. Top, Bottom and Side Entry Agitator & Mixer Repair Specialist. Types include three- and four-lobed polygons. About 13% of these are reactors, 11% are mixing equipment, and 4% are shaft couplings. The magnetic coupling as a shaft seal. I washed a blanket (as usual), and the material got tangled around the agitator coupling. 0 inches and the pump (driven) has a shaft size of 1. For metal. 13. This is what I did. , we strive for excellence when servicing our customers. Slide coupling toward side of kettle. The units come complete with base plate, motor, gearbox, impeller, shaft & couplings. The agitators can be clamped to tank or mounted on a stand post. Replaceable Impeller Blades. 10 insert the shaft into the reactor. Replacing a washing machine agitator is a simple procedure with the right tools and know-how. Bellow is the main structures simple descriptions. Agitators  Our patent pending hygienic coupling is ideal for multi-product mixing where to match processing requirements or when one-piece continuous shafts cannot  couplings and line shafts, we strive to maintain a permanent status of technology . AT COUPLING 3. The LRE is the most simple solution of an industrial agitator. The most common reason for replacing this part is if the agitator will not move or turn during the wash cycle. Remove bushing from shaft holder. Connects transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. Double Inside Mechanical Seal With SiC faces provides longest operational life. Agitator, 15 HP, Chemineer, Unit designed for direct coupling to drive motor, rated from 1800 to 1900 RPM input Find your agitator coupling easily amongst the 24 products from the leading brands (RINGSPANN, Baldor, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. TOTE TANK AGITATOR MANUAL - SECTION B - ASSEMBLY 1. You probably have to replace the clutch at the same time because of oil leaked from the gearcase. TGP Shaft. This plastic piece goes between the agitator and the transmission shaft. With the agitator out of place, you can unthread the bolt that attached the coupling to the transmission shaft and remove the coupling itself. The impeller is mounted on an overhung shaft. Agitators, Hammer mills, Blowers, Line shafts, Conveyors, Machine tools, Crushers,. I then used a knife to cut the duck tape where the slots are. Agitator is made for use with closed-top 55 gallon drums with 2" NPT bung. Pump motor engine shaft zero backlash energy efficient power transmission using forged steel and torsionally flexible neoprene rubber drive couplings made in India by HIC Universal. Coupling 8 is removably keyed to shaft 6 by means of a metal key 10 or other suitable securing means. To confirm, measure the shaft in different places. GE Washer Agitator Coupling Kit helps connect the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. The replacement piece is white. I removed the agitator and agitator coupling bolt to remove the fabric and placed it back on along with the agitator. Unbolt shaft bearing and seal housing. This modification to the original design was intended to minimize maintenance personnel exposure to ionizing radiation and also provide for disassembly capability The present invention relates to an agitator and a method of replacing a shaft seal of an agitator. jeff. 5 Remove all burrs and sharp edges from the shaft and vessel flange area. During agitation, the solenoid is powered (engaged) so that the teeth of the armature are disengaged from the pulley so that only the agitator shaft rotates. VIII Div. The agitator output shaft is the only thing bolted through the center of the machine. Couplings used for connecting agitator shaft to drive shaft is rigid coupling. It also provides guidelines an the selection of Impeller, power assessment, jrive and bearing arrangemonts and shaft design. shaft, coupling, bearing, gearing, pulleys and belt. Binks Categories. This is best accomplished with a dial indicator using the process described in this video from VibrAlign REVIEW ON DESIGN OF AGITATOR 1AKASH J PATIL , 2SACHIN B RAJUDE 3MAYUR S THOK, 4AJIT R PAWAR BE Student. Typical view and some dimensions of the shafts are given in Fig. Remove the nut (5), lockwasher (4), blade (10), and pin (6) from the shaft (12 or 13). Tighten the   LMI Pumps - UK Distributor for Milton Roy Metering Pumps, Ph & Redox Controllers. Add to Wish List 2 VS, SHAFT S/S DIA. Coupling is suitable for use either above or below the product surface. This wil require a small load setting of water and the machine set to run. Standard NEMA or IEC frame motors from leading motor manufacturers. WH49X10042 Washer Agitator Coupling Kit This coupling located under the agitator, connects the washer transmission drive shaft to the agitator. Figure 1-3: Shaft on Trestle For dual coupling configurations, one of the couplings will have to be removed to install the impeller assembly. Alibaba. NEVER lift the agitator using the extension shaft as a lift point. The drive bell connects the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base. Made of 316 stainless steel and custom-cut for the tank's depth, the 1" turned, ground, and polished shaft is smooth to aid cleaning. 4. Disclaimer: Information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. 1 Sep 2017 Agitator Coupling - GE WH1X1944 - This coupling is used for 20 spline drive shaft transmissions. Even though parts may look the same, there are often variances in similar parts and it is important to buy parts that fit your specific model. Rotate gear reducer (25) and air motor (39) until the square flats on the drive shaft assembly (27) line up with the female flats in the bottom of gear reducer (25). Hollow Shaft Agitator - posted in Industrial Professionals: Hello allWe are having a batch reactor and is agitating a fine powder for better fluidisation. In an axial flow agitator, the impeller pushes the liquid in a direction parallel to the agitator shaft. 92272 Philadelphia Mixers Agitator MT Mixing Drive Mfg: Philadelphia Mixers Model: PTO Stock No. experts. What lasts long is still good. All agitator components are housed inside a corrosion proof Cast Iron housing. Shaft lengths – Chemineer provides numerous shaft length options. The input shaft isn't rigid on its axis. To the lower end of shaft 6 a flanged shaft 7 is secured by flanged coupling 8 and bolts 9. Coupling the driving and driven shafts would be simple if they were perfectly aligned, machines did not vibrate and the shafts SureFlex Coupling for Mixer. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Washer For Agitator Shaft #19Q06-103. The drive block connects the washer transmission to the agitator, if it's worn out the transmission shaft will still move back and forth but the agitator will either stay still or move slightly. We are Magnetic Coupling Manufacturer, Providing Permanent Magnetic Couplings, We are specialized in magnetic shaft coupling, it has high torque, no leakage, very high efficiency and vibration reduction. Remove scraper blades from agitator by using the spring removal tool provided with the kettle. Verify that the upper seat and o-ring are in the At DCI, Inc. Details about GE WH49X10042 Agitate Coupling also for Hotpoint Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for General Electric WH49X10042 Washer Agitator Coupling at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Hello, I have a Whirlpool washer LSW9700PQ2 that isn't spinning. 80 Weatherproof. Fawcett specializes in custom manufacturing of industrial mixing equipment and accessories including Step Bore Shaft Couplings. I can stop what little movement it makes with my hand. Brace yourself firmly against the washing machine and pull directly upward on the agitator. a Serial No. 3 Impeller Installation. If the agitator is slipping on the agitator driveshaft spline, replace it. This transfer is done using Coupling, where the gearbox output is coupled with the agitator shaft. These two parts are tightly connected by means of a rigid coupling to complete the shaft. Pull directly up on the agitator. Agitators are constructed to handle the harsh oilfield environment. Agitator ends shall have surfaces of minimum area immediately adjacent to the recipient ends and no longer than necessary to ensure proper incorporation of ingredients into a mix. The agitator shaft is nested inside of the brake/spin/drive-tube shaft. Wear, D. Stainless steel stud and upper coupling attach directly to the motor shaft. Agitator For Pure Liquors. 4 S/3. AVS PUMP SPACERS The single- AGITATORS. com and Thrifty Appliance Parts LLC, cannot be held liable for results obtained or arising from use or reliance on such information. Our quick shaft coupling system is able to overcome the difference. 000" DIA. Shop for replacement GE Agitator Plastic Coupling Coupler. The GrabCAD Library offers millions of free CAD designs, CAD files, and 3D models. The correct gearbox selection ensures that the process runs on required rpm. Chemineer HT Turbine Agitators | long lasting, flexible, rugged | preferred Pipe shafting, ideal for large diameter shafts, feature couplings and impellers  Browse Application News - Rigid Shaft Couplings for Mixers in the Stafford Manufacturing Corp. Place a bar through the two Bush coupling pin type flexible for clutches drive n brake drum industrial machinery motor thruster couplings manufacturers Technical Specification of B pin drive n bush driven couplings resilient type products for power transmission produced by HIC. • Find bending moments from gears, pulleys, or sprockets that are transmitting loads to or from other devices. The tools you will need to replace the agitator coupling are 2 ratchet extensions with 7/16 socket and 3/8 socket and a Small Hammer. Four blade pitch turbine blade set 13" span, 3. Sunkaier agitator configures the dry well oil leak-proof gearbox with hard surface gear,less miantenance,longer service life,and keep clean for working environment. 4 mm to 3,048 mm (1 in to 120 in), for increased Agitators (also see Mixers). (c) The most optimal agitator coupling in an aseptic environment is a threaded shaft connection with O-rings or a flat gasket Home » Manufacturers » Binks. 13 rotate the shaft manually and ensure that the agitator is rotating freely. Align coupling (26) with the pin (10) on agitator shaft. Fixed agitator blades of conventional design (not shown) are mounted on shaft 7. The shaft must When performing precision shaft alignments the mechanic should first check for runout. Coupling the output shaft of the motor to the impeller shaft was achieved by a two-piece rigid shaft coupling. Fast Shipping. If the agitator does not agitate, first remove the agitator and watch the agitator shaft to see if it is working properly. (f) The most optimal agitator coupling in an aseptic environment is a threaded shaft   Sharpe offers many different coupling designs to fit specific applications that include split, flanged, threaded, sanitary, and in-tank. See the Parts Drawing on page 8. Uniguard Machine Guards UniClear guards are available from stock for ANSI pumps made by Goulds Pumps, Durco Pumps, and Sulzer Pumps. 75 inches. from torque overload. T. e. manufactures a full line of rigid couplings that come in a variety  What is coupling and what are the different types of shaft couplings? A look at the important attributes and applications of shaft coupling. 6 Jun 2018 Bottom entry magnetically driven agitators feature an im- peller that is driven by a magnetic coupling, rather than physically connected to a shaft  IBC mixer, Tote mixers, IBC agitators, mixing equipment, industrial mixers, tank mixer, shaft and propeller, Quick coupling for changing the entire agitator shaft. /day. Includes jacket motor gear drive and shaft seal, agitator, shaft, thermometer well, blow-pipe, insulation and safety valves. The spin-tube is nested inside of the outer tub. Preparing the Agitator for Use 1. The purpose of the design is to prevent damage to the equipment- motor, gearbox, pump, etc. shaft + sprocket + chain + roller + 1/2 of coupling). If the teeth on the coupler is worn out it will cause the agitator not to turn and will need to be replaced. Mechanical Transmission, Drive Coupling, Sure Flex, Dura Flex, Jaw Coupling, shaft coupling, composite floating shaft cooling tower coupling, grid coupling,  Flexible gear couplings SG series are commercial couplings for general purpose, featuring high quality standards as well as technical characteristics and  QUICK FLEX Coupling Insert Chemical Compatibility . When conditions change, they can be easily changed by means of the convenient chuck or flanged shaft coupling. Reverse the procedure and check for leaks and operation. Elements such as impeller, coupling, bearing are mounted on the shaft. This article presents a conceptual design of a split hub bolted and clamped to a shaft. $865. and set the shaft in between them for ease of assembly. Your machine's drive motor is either attached to a drive pulley with a belt or directly attached to the drive shaft. GE Washing Machine Agitators. The most common reasons for replacing the coupling agitator is if the teeth have worn out and the agitator is not turning with the drive shaft. When clear guard material becomes discolored or cracked it should be replaced immediately. This will create a bending moment, III. The agitator speed adapts to the viscosity of the media being mixed. YOU ARE HERE: Home; WH43X10032; Agitator Drive Block, Washer AKA Agitator Coupling Connects drive shaft to agitator base. -Top drive mixers/ agitators. The fit of the key is critical in assuring sufficient capacity of the shaft-to-coupling hub interface. Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller for maximum durability and pump performance. • Gearbox. 0. When properly fitted this torsionally rigid coupling helps prevent any such event. 5 gallons to 20 gallons. The agitator design and mixer selection is closely integrated with the stirring purposes. The lower shaft is approximately four times longer than the upper shaft. Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Prop 65 WARNING(S) Product Notes WASHING MACHINE AGITATOR DRIVE BELL COME WITH BOLT WH43X10032 IS WITHOUT BOLT Data Sheet, the shaft shall have a removable coupling spacer to permit shaft seal replacement without removing the drive or the mixer or agitator shaft. Drop down to top of coupling 8. kit WH49X10042 also comes with the bolt that secures the coupler to the shaft. Magnetic Drive Coupling Magnetic Couplings for High vacuum distillation Salient Features. Agitator shaft assemblies shall be readily accessible to allow all surfaces to be effectively cleaned via spray, directed flow, immersion or cleaning-in-place. Typical applications include: compressors, pumps, fans, mixers (vertical Cooling Tower Drive—The Deltaflex floating shaft coupling permits greater ease of  Magnetic couplings, stirrer drives for chemical Reactors bmd and connected to the stirrer shaft and rotates simultaneously with the motor driven external . If the agitator The 2 wire connector goes to the mode shifter solenoid coil. L. Tsubaki offers an extensive line-up of couplings to meet diversified needs -- from general applications  size to meet shaft requirements. Impellers – Chemineer’s mixing expertise includes low shear liquid-liquid/solids blending, gas dispersion, high shear blending and viscous mixing. Part Number is WH49X10042. The hold down bolt is #WH02X10037. NOSEN Vertical Agitator Main Structure includes motor,speed reducer and supporting base. Wiki User 04/07/2015. Chain couplings require periodic lubrication depending on the application. Drop down over agitator shaft (11). Avoid twisting or jerking the agitator from side to side. Rigid Shaft Couplings. o Arrow offers quality flexible couplings, such as the CPL22-375, for use with a 19 mm glass shaft & specialty flexible coupling options for various uses. 875" Learn More. Pure liquid. Grovhac Agitator units are made with grade 316 stainless steel coupling, shaft and mixing impellers for lasting durability and light weight. HS2. Aside from that, the agitator flew off and the top of it was severely damaged since it was hitting the plastic inside of the washing machine. Our Impeller shafts and mixer shafts are machine ground and polished for Mixer Direct products! Find your agitator coupling easily amongst the 24 products from the leading are torsionally flexible shaft couplings which enable the connection of shafts or  28 Jul 2016 The function of a coupling is to connect two rotating shafts, for the transfer of rotary motion and torque. Kansas City Office 421 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, MO 64108 USA Phone: 816-421-3600 Fax: 800-972-0282 Denver Office Agitator Made in the USA! SpecificAtionS: Our agitators feature the new dracomet coated corrosion resistant keyless coupling for easy installation and impeller adjustment. Your pumpage may attack the clear material. It’s about 5 years old. This excerpt was taken from Lechner’s presentation during the Design World Webinar, Flexible vs Rigid Couplings. Before replacing the coupling, ensure that the connection points on the transmission shaft are clean and free of rust and grime. Heavy-duty industrial shaft couplings and the supporting technology for the Speed Reducers/SMFP Shaft Mount Finished Bore . shaft diameter How do I remove a worn out agitator coupler from a GE WWA8806M top load washer. Floating shaft couplings (Fig. 92272800 Washing Machine. Orange Peel Rotating Shaft Guards (Inch/Metric) Download the most up-to-date version 1 . Agitator Directional Cogs This agitator coupling is for 20 spline drive shaft transmissions. The old style GE washer has an agitator spine up inside the agitator that connects the agitator to the transmission shaft. This is a washing machine agitator coupling kit also known as an agitator drive belt. Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. Great prices, same day shipping and no hassle returns. A. the drive shaft assembly (27). Agitator Coupling Kit Part Number: WH49X10042 . It does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts but does accommodate angular misalignment. All agitators come with the following: Stainless steel coupling, shaft, & mixing impellers Series 70 A more heavy duty agitator than our Series 7, Series 70 flange mount agitators are available with a variety of flange sizes and materials (12″ x 12″ square flange is standard). S) in PDF File (costing purpose) If you have removed the agitator coupling screw, you can take a chisel and split the coupling. Trusted Supplier Since 1953. Then move the indicator to the shaft adjoining the coupling hub. When the application requires a direct and solid shaft connection and that shaft misalignments during operation are minimal, then the ABR solid or rigid type couplings can be used. 25" thick. Complete range of options available. GE older style washer GE newer style washer On older style GE washers the agitator is held down by a agitator hold down * WH1X1986. If the agitator is lifted with the impeller shaft installed, make sure that the shaft coupling has been completely tightened and that the shaft is securely attached before lifting. STEP 2: Slide the mixer shaft into the motor or reducer shaft coupling. To suit shafts from 6mm up to 50mm in diameter as standard. If this happens the agitator will not turn at all. 2 Installation of SK flange coupling . the agitator coupling & seal. If any of the parts are wor n out, stripped, or damaged, replace the kit. g. The shaft is fabricated out of the solid shaft and is driven by an electric motor, through a speed reducing gearbox. The agitator shaft has a double bearing in an aluminum housing separated from the drive. 17. 75S-61. Items 1 - 12 of 502 Ruland manufactures a complete line of rigid shaft couplings. Shaft Design Objectives • Compute forces acting on shafts from gears, pulleys, and sprockets. • The open area at the opposite motor end of the agitator column was there on purpose – to allow access to the agitator seal & coupling. McCombs Supply. Coupling shaft dimensions: 2 in. When a vertical pump or mixer has a thrust bearing, the coupling between the In these situations, CouplingCorp can use its Flexible Shaft Couplings to meet  Customer Questions and Answers for Agitator Spline/coupling by GE Then remove the splined coupling from the agitator shaft( on older machines, this can be  Shaft coupling is a machine element that connect shafts. com offers 189 agitator coupling products. It is always good practice to remove the impeller shaft before removing an existing agitator. Shaft diameter Additional options 0 – basic design 1 – leakage drain 2 – cooling flange 4 – leakage drain + cooling flange Drive 1 – set screw 2 – shrink disk 3 – clamping collar 4 – key 5 – flange (shaft sleeve) 6 – shaft sleeve with flange and key 7 – clamping set 8 – muff coupling 9 – customer-specification l s E F This washing machine repair chapter covers only diagnosis and repairs peculiar to GE built machines also Hotpoint and JC Penny washer repair. For use with 30L thru 100L… Remove the center bolt and tug straight up on the agitator skirt to remove. 3/Issue 09/2015/147) Where, P- radial load, l- length of bearing, d – diameter of shaft The heat generated due to friction microorganisms can enter inside the agitator coupling. If the washer won't agitate, replacing the agitator repair kit may solve the problem. These are decided by process design calculations. Motors & Flexible Couplings Foot-Mounted Motors Then remove the agitator extension ( if equipped ) and agitator. For a coupling to work at its optimum  15 Mar 2016 Keywords: Agitator shaft, Bending stress, Impeller, Reactor pressure vessel, Torsional stress Elements such as impeller, coupling, bearing  28 Jan 2014 WILMINGTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2014) - Stafford Manufacturing Corp. Fatigue, E. Then remove the splined coupling from the agitator shaft( on older machines, this can be pretty difficult and may require a gear puller, or "cutting" the splined coupler and removing it a piece at a time. The agitator is normally delivered completely assembled, solely large oblique blade agitators are removed for transport reasons. The upper parts of the coupling should be sloped to minimum 15-45° (4) to prevent debris from collecting at these places and to allow for maximum drainability. It consists of a hollow shaft geared drive (worm geared, parallel shaft geared or helical bevel geared drive) and a rigid cast steel bearing housing. Use this same step for BCE, BCA, BCGE, BCGA, XTLE, XTLA, XTLGE & XTLGA models 2. agitator shaft coupling

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